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BoutikShops is a pioneer in the world of blockchain and eCommerce that allows users to derive maximum value from their digital assets. It combines a transparent and verified supply chain with matchless convenience and efficiency to deliver the best products to users from across the globe. 

Users at BoutikShops can get their favorite products delivered to their doorstep while using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not only that but they can invest in the platform’s official cryptocurrency called Boutik (BTK) to win additional discounts on all types of products through SHOPs.


Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the world of banking for a long time now. People are increasingly convinced by the decentralized and transparent systems of money transmission that are promised by currencies like Bitcoin. They have improved the level of freedom that an average user can enjoy during all sorts of monetary exchanges and transactions. 

Keeping your wealth in a form that is highly liquid and mobile might be a huge milestone that cryptocurrencies have helped people achieve. However, certain concerns remain as to whether investing in cryptocurrency is worth the trouble undertaken to switch from a physical form of currency to an internet-based form. 

Such currencies are suspected by users to be way less secure. Another problem that haunts internet-based currencies and digital assets is that people cannot easily convert them into a form that would fulfill their physical needs. 

They still have to rely on physical currencies to buy them a new pair of jeans or a cup of coffee, and that is obviously a major downside to keeping your money in your internet device. 

However, things change quite a lot when physical assets like dropshipping products come into play. The main issue regarding this is that the major online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay have not started accepting payments made through cryptocurrency. 

BoutikShops aims to solve that problem by pioneering dropshipping and online shopping on the basis of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. That can change quite a lot of things for users who need their cryptocurrency to be more convenient, usable, liquid, and mobile for them. 

Not only that, but BoutikShops has introduced a new form of cryptocurrency that can deliver additional benefits like discounts, added convenience, and flawless encryption to users. 

BTK TOKEN (to be launch June/2021)

BTK or Boutik token is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency introduced by BoutikShops to add more flexibility for users. It holds a lot of potential to make users more comfortable in using cryptocurrency for all sorts of purposes. Not only does it remove the limitations of using a cryptocurrency that has a variable value on the platform, it also makes sure that the users have an ample supply of benefits that they can enjoy. 

Trade becomes increasingly faster, more convenient, and efficient with BTK tokens on BoutikShops. Having to withdraw funds to your bank account from your crypto funds can cost you a lot of fees and it might also compromise the privacy of your transactions. Both of these problems have been single-handedly solved by the introduction of a token that is native to the revolutionary dropshipping platform itself. 


The most important aspect of Boutik tokens that makes them preferable for users is that they are completely encrypted and allow anonymous transactions to users without any compromise for their privacy and the integrity of their funds. Users can safely perform transactions of all types through BTK while being on the platform and trust the platform with their data. 


Security has been a major problem with cryptocurrencies for a long while now. However, that is about to change with trade becoming possible right on the platform on the basis of its native cryptocurrency. There are no limits to the level of freedom that a user can enjoy with BTK tokens. 

BTK can become a direct connection between physical and electronic forms of currency and provide a highly valuable and efficient banking solution to people who find cryptocurrency limited in terms of direct usage or shopping. Such currencies are obviously valued more in transactions than direct usage and have limited mobility, therefore. 


Users can get a 5% discount on any item that they purchase with cryptocurrency. That is a major plus because it means that they can also find items at a much cheaper price compared to other, more notable platforms. Not only that but they can circumvent all the taxes and fees that they would have to pay to convert their internet currency into a physical form. 

Another important benefit that users can gain through BTK token is that they are rewarded with ShopCoins (SHOP Token) continuously. SHOPs serve as units that they can use to purchase their favorite products free of cost or at a sizeable discount depending on the number of SHOPs they have in their account. The platform welcomes users with 200 complementary ShopCoin tokens and adds more on their first purchase. (10 shop per $ Spent)

200 shops are equivalent to 5% discoint. Hence users can go on collecting dollars in terms of benefits derived in the form of ShopCoins while they are using BTK tokens to make purchases. In addition to all these exclusive benefits, holding BTK tokens after purchasing them will bring more value for customers. It will bring them additional complementary SHOPs that they can use. 

Clients can claim bonus SHOPs after each purchase. The appreciation tokens of SHOP will hold a value of 5% per 200 SHOPs. Users can therefore hold BTK tokens or use them – both ways, they are on the winning end. 

Using BTK tokens, other cryptocurrencies, debit or credit card, and PayPal to make purchases will get them more and more SHOPs that they can use to get discounts or even get products for free depending on their amount. That adds a lot of exciting value and discounts to the mix of transparency and efficiency provided by the native cryptocurrency. 


The currency works way faster than any other third-party coin used on the platform, and users also don’t have to go through any additional payment procedure to use their currency. That means BTK can bring a lot of convenience to the table and improve their shopping routine overall, taking out a lot of annoying delay from the mix. 


The platform integrates all types of eCommerce stores and products into one meshwork of transparency and convenience for online shopping. You can find everything from your favorite pair of headphones to a high-quality collar for your pet on BoutikShops. 

No need to rely on other platforms that cannot translate cryptocurrency into real-time value for users in order to get the right products. BoutikShops can cover every need and provide everything to an average user. 

Hence you can virtually use your cryptocurrency to purchase any type of product that you might need in your routine. Let us discuss a few key features of the platform that became a reason for its invention and can revolutionize the market of eCommerce and cryptocurrency. 


The main downside to different cryptocurrencies is the taxes that they charge for conversion into physical currency. People also have to go through a lot of hassle during the process and it becomes a chain of different painstaking nitty gritty jobs that an average user would avoid taking up for a trivial purchase. 

That is why providing more value for money – or cryptocurrency – is a major benefit that users can gain from the introduction of BoutikShops. It processes cryptocurrency faster than any other platform and makes it way easier to use and rely on. 


The platform is completely transparent and does not charge any hidden fees. Platforms that are up to hoodwinking users after having them sign up are very frequently encountered in the world of cryptocurrency. That is definitely another downside that can be avoided by choosing the transparent and efficient setup of BoutikShops. 


With BoutikShops, users can trade securely and indulge in hassle-free shopping. The platform safeguards their privacy and makes sure that they can trade safely and anonymously. It makes everything safer and easier for users that need to rely on cryptocurrency for a lot of their transactions. 


The platform prioritizes the comfort of its users and provides them with more secure and convenient ways of going about their routine shopping. It is designed to provide the users with a high level of ease and efficient processing for all kinds of transactions and purchases. 


While Amazon and eBay might turn down users who need to use cryptocurrency, BoutikShops accepts everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum and its native cryptocurrency that goes by the name of BTK or Boutik. It creates a lot of difference for a user by reducing the overall cost of the purchase as well as the hassle involved in making it. Users can also enjoy a lot of discounts and benefits along with added security for their transactions and funds.